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Steppe Wildlife Conservation & Research Center is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of local wildlife, especially the Pallas’s cat and the steppe eagle. Our programs are meticulously designed to conserve the steppe ecosystem through the collaboration with local communities. We focus primarily on building local stewardship through community-based tourism, education, and research in Eastern Mongolia.



The general objective of Steppe Wildlife Conservation and Research center is to maintain, restore, and preserve the biological diversity, ecosystems, and cultural values of the Eastern Steppe. We have tried to achieve this by means of: 1) Conservation of the ecosystems of the steppe zone 

2) Development of a research and training center

3) Development of ecotourism

4) Improvement of natural resource management in the steppe



Steppe Wildlife was established in 2018 as part of the Pallas’s cat Conservancy. However, we began research in Sukhbaatar in 2015. Mr. Otgonbayar Baatargal, founder and creator of Steppe Wildlife, began photographing Pallas cats in the region in 2016-2017 to develop conservation and education programs that benefit Pallas’s cats as well as local communities. He is also responsible for the ecotourism initiative.

Grey wolf

Planting a tree in steppe zone

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