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Historically, the most abundant and widely distributed species, the Mongolian marmot (Marmota sibirica), was commonly distributed in eastern and north-eastern Mongolia and inhabits steep lowland valleys, hills, and mountain slopes (Rogovin 1992). According to the hunting management report of Sukhbaatar province, Mongolian marmot distributed 881km2 in Halzan village area in 1998. Therefore, the marmot distribution area decreased to 132 km2 in 2003.  However, the provincial environmental department conducted a reintroduction project in 2012, their activity failed because of education activity among local people and research or conservation activity. In 2015 hunting management surveys mentioned they have not observed any marmot in the region. Furthermore, the questionnaire survey result among local people showed Mongolian marmot extinct in most of the village area.


We started a marmot reintroduction project in Halzan village in 2019. However, the main reason for the local marmot extinction was hunting, we based our reintroduction work on educational activity among the local community in 2018 and 2019. When we are recovering marmot, locally administered and village environmental departments actively participated in the releasing process. We have organized a campaign among local people for 20 more marmot reintroduction in May of 2021. We increased our fund till 30 marmot and recovered 30 more marmots in July of 2021. Also, we showed our reintroduction work success that we successfully noted10 babies in 2 families of marmots from the previous reintroduction of 2019.

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