Eastern Steppe

Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe is one of the world’s last great grassland wildernesses. It is home to over a million Mongolian gazelles-the largest population of migrating ungulates in Asia. The Eastern Steppe is also the stronghold of one of the most elusive wild cat species in the world-The Pallas’s Cat.

The region is the prime place for bird watching as it is one of Eastern Asia’s routes for migratory birds that include the yellow breasted bunting, great spotted eagle, Japanese quail, godwit, and more. Threatened bird species that live here include the steppe eagle, saker falcon, and lesser kestrel.  Bird Watchers can spend many fruitful hours observing a large variety of birds like the oriental plover, Eagle owl, Pallas’s sandgrouse, Siberian accentor, and Mongolian lark. The latest survey conducted recorded about 180 species of both migratory and native birds.

Red deer were introduced to the area in 1900s. Other animals include Argali sheep, Siberian marmots, Daurian hedgehogs, grey wolves, red foxes, and badgers.

Visitors to this region are likely to spot Pallas’s cats, Mongolian gazelles, marmots, steppe polecats, and corsac foxes during the course of their journey.  

Want to explore Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe? Contact us to arrange a tour. We are locally based and happy to show you what Mongolia has to offer.


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